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The Academic Programs list contains information on human rights programs, with a link to the institution and program website and a brief description. The programs are arranged by geographical location – Canada, Central America, Europe, North America and Oceania – in drop-down lists.

Academic programs change all the time, and updates and additional or new programs are not always reflected in the list. This list is suggested as a starting place for enquiries. New program offerings can be sent to

Additional human rights programs are listed on the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) Library. Visit OHCHR Database on Human Rights Education and Training to learn more.


City University Name of the program Description
Fredericton st_thomas_u BA Major Human Rights The interdisciplinary programme in Human Rights is one of the few such programmes in the country that allows undergraduate students to obtain a major in the academic study of human rights. The programme provides students with a knowledge of the philosophy, legal instruments, and political institutions, which are the foundation for human rights.
Montreal concordia_u BA Human Rights Studies Human rights studies encompasses the eternal drive to improve the human condition, and attendant debates over the primacy of the individual within society and the universal versus relativist approach to rights, positive and negative freedoms. The Minor in Human Rights Studies draws its curriculum from a variety of disciplines.
Montreal mcgill_u BCL and LLB Major Concentration International Human Rights & Development Undergraduate program within the Faculty of Law inspired by an interdisciplinary approach by allowing students to choose non-Law subjects. Internship in the fourth year of study is compulsory.
North Bay nissiping_u BA Gender Equality and Social Justice This program is highly interdisciplinary and is designed for those with interests in critical studies of popular culture; the politics of resisting inequality through the law; globalization and human rights; violent conflict and international justice; transnational organizing for social justice; histories of colonization; feminist philosophies; postmodernism; theories of justice; and the intersections of race, class, ability, sex and gender. Through a range of interdisciplinary perspectives, you will examine the social and cultural constructions of gender, sexuality, race and class, and how these social categories relate to our knowledge, experience, relationships and the quality of our lives. Within Gender Equality and Social Justice there are three core areas of specialization: Culture and Criticism; Power and Inequality; and Human Rights and Social Justice.
Ottawa caleton_u BGInS Global Law and Social Justice Specialization This specialization focuses attention on this critical facet of globalization. You will learn about the institutional structures, objectives, and history of global law, covering topics such as immigration, trade, human rights and armed conflict. This specialization is associated with the Department of Law and Legal Studies.
Ottawa caleton_u BA Human Rights and Social Justice Carleton’s Human Rights and Social Justice program provides students with an overview of historical and contemporary human rights issues from an interdisciplinary perspective.
Ottawa ottawa_u Honours BSocSc in Conflict Studies and Human Rights This degree covers national and international tensions, fundamental human rights, conflict-resolution processes as well as a range of underlying themes. CO-OP placement possible
Ottawa ottawa_u Master of Laws (LLM) Concentration Law and Social Justice The Master of Laws degree (LLM) offers both a thesis option and a research paper option. While students can pursue these options in any subject, we particularly emphasize the following two fields as well as the fields associated with our six concentrations described below: International law; and Human rights law. In the context of the master’s with research paper, students have a choice of six concentrations: International Humanitarian and Security Law; Global Sustainability and Environmental Law; Law and Social Justice; Law and Technology; Notarial Law; and International Trade and Investment Law.
Quebec laval_u MaĂ®trise en droit : droits fondamentaux et droits collectifs (LLM) La maĂ®trise en droit – droits fondamentaux et droits collectifs s’adresse Ă  une clientèle variĂ©e qui dĂ©sire acquĂ©rir une formation professionnelle, pratique, polyvalente et de haut niveau.
St. Catharines brock_u MA in Social Justice and Equity Studies Social Justice and Equity Studies is interdisciplinary, diverse and pluralistic in its theoretical traditions, substantive problematics, methods and approaches. Our program seeks to enact an emancipatory politics of knowledge in favouring voices and perspectives that have been historically marginalized and who are actively resisting domination. Our field of study is linked to ethicopolitical movements for progressive social change, and also reflects recognition of the links between power and knowledge in the university. These legacies and commitments inform our teaching and research, as well as the criteria for affiliation and admission to the program.
Waterloo wilfried_laurier_u BA in Human Rights and Human Diversity Human Rights and Human Diversity is a program that will help prepare you for a wide range of careers where you can advance the cause of human rights and social justice in Canada and around the world. By taking this program, you’ll come to understand human rights (their origins, how they are protected, and the current challenges they face) and their relationship to human diversity (through gender, race, religion, culture, disability and sexual orientation).
Winnipeg manitoba_u JD law specializing in human rights Robson Hall, Faculty of Law, offers a three year J.D. program that starts with the fundamental doctrinal courses that allow students to acquire a solid foundation in law. From the foundational courses, students can move into legal specialties of their choice, or choose to pursue a J.D. concentrating on Aboriginal law, business law, or human rights. Clinical legal education has been a part of the program since the early 1970s and students develop lawyering skills under faculty guidance, expanding their perspectives and ethical understanding of the role of practising lawyers. Scholarship and research is built into the J.D. program so students have an opportunity to develop a critical understanding of law and its development.
Winnipeg winnipeg_u BA Human Rights The Human Rights program examines human rights in global contexts, as mechanisms to address issues of human dignity, social justice, and global citizenship. The program aims to equip students for education and advocacy in human rights, and to understand ways to respond to human rights abuses. A guiding premise of the program is that “human rights” are understood in multiple ways and contexts; the program includes courses from diverse fields such as anthropology, business, conflict resolution, criminal justice, international development, history, philosophy, religious and cultural studies, and women’s and gender studies.
York york_u BA Human Rights & Equity Studies Students in York’s innovative Human Rights & Equity Studies program explore the roots of human rights violations as they occur across a broad range of social, economic and cultural areas.