The Universal Periodic Review

The United Nations (UN) is fundamental to the foundation of human rights. The United Nations is where the legal obligations of governments are set, and where human rights are discussed and advocated. Canada participates in the Universal Periodic Review which is one process and important function of the UN related to human rights, focused on assessing the human rights records … Read More

The Canadian Yearbook of Human Rights (CYHR) Vol. 1

Book cover

January 2018 Human Rights Internet (HRI) is proud to showcase the Canadian Yearbook of Human Rights (CYHR) – co-published by HRI and the University of Ottawa’s Human Rights Research and Education Centre. The CYHR is a new bilingual, annual publication, of reference work on the interaction of human rights and Canada. The first edition covers key human rights developments in … Read More

Blog Series: Child and Youth Advocates

In continuing our Blog Series on human rights institutions, we are focusing this edition on Child and Youth Advocates. These are independent officers of provincial and territorial legislatures that focus on protecting and promoting the rights and dignity of children. While at the Federal level there is no national commissioner or advocate office, the Canadian Council of Child and Youth Advocates is … Read More

Tell us what you think

We want to hear from you! HRI is seeking feedback on our website and database. HRI strives to provide free online human rights resources and information relevant to Canada, and beyond. Since the launch of our new website, and the International Human Rights and Canada Database (IHRCanadaDb), we have seen tremendous interest our resources. To keep this momentum going, we want to ensure our resources … Read More

Blog Series: Navigating the Human Rights Landscape – Commissions and Tribunals

June 2017 Human rights commissions and tribunals play a vital role in ensuring human rights protections are protected and promoted. This past month, legislation was passed at the Federal level and in Yukon that provides legal protection against discrimination on the basis of gender identity and gender expression. These changes reflect similar protections already in place in other jurisdictions across … Read More

Human Rights Education

May 2017 Education is a powerful and important tool for promoting tolerance and strengthening respect for human rights and diversity, through understanding and awareness (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UDHR). Education is a right but also an integral part of ensuring the protection and respect of all human rights and fundamental freedoms, including those set out in the Charter of … Read More

Blog Series: Navigating the Canadian Human Rights Landscape – The Charter

April 2017 This year marks the 35th anniversary of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. For the occasion, we have put together a brief overview of this foundational piece in the Canadian human rights landscape, and its place among other human rights laws. While the existence of the Charter and federal, provincial and territorial human rights laws may appear … Read More

Blog Series: Navigating the Canadian Human Rights Landscape – Part I

Canada has a robust framework of human rights and fundamental freedoms. Across the country institutions are mandated to ensure these laws are respected, protected and promoted. This is the first in a series of blog posts showcasing the unique work and contribution that these institutions make to Canadian human rights. Earlier this year HRI launched the Canadian Human Rights Institutions Interactive Map … Read More

Getting a “Human Rights” Job

February 2017 Finding jobs in the field of human rights, like any job search, can be overwhelming. It can be challenging to know where to start. “Human rights” is a broad term that encompasses many possible career paths. And, while there are often a lot of jobs with human rights organizations, there are not always a lot of “human rights” … Read More

Website Launch

Welcome to Human Rights Internet (HRI). For more than 25 years, we have been part of the international human rights and social justice landscape. We are excited to launch an online space where people and organizations can access current and reliable human rights information and resources that inspire education, advocacy and dialogue in Canada and beyond. Sign-up here to keep up-to-date … Read More