How to Use This Database

The documents housed in this database are separated into three different categories: binding instruments, non-binding instruments, and international monitoring documents (treaty body jurisprudence and related documents).

There are two search functions, the Full-Text Search and the Advanced Search. The full-text search allows you to search by word, with no limit on the number of words searched at a time. Results will show by the relevance of the content in a document to the word(s) searched.

The advanced search allows one, two, or all three document categories to be searched at the same time. The more criteria selected, the more specific the results.

Please see the glossaries and other online resources cited below for more information about the distinction between these three categories.

Search Page

While the precise search terms for each of the three document categories varies, the following generally applies:

  • If you know the title of the document, or part of the title, enter it in the full-text search.
  • If you wish to filter the results further so as to only show a certain subset of results, use the advanced search (i.e. date, topic, document type).
  • If you are confused by any of the search terms, click ‘Search Term Definitions’ at the top right.
Search Results
  • Search results are presented in sortable (i.e. click column headers) list form.
  • Click the Details button to access detailed database item information in a new browser webpage.
  • One or more documents and/or hyperlinks (English and French, as available) are associated with each item in the Documents sections lower on the details page.
  • Clicking one of these links will open the corresponding document or webpage in a new browser webpage.
  • Only PDF Documents are stored (and full-text searchable) on this site.