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Convention on the Rights of Persons with DisabilitiesCommittee on the Rights of Persons with DisabilitiesCore UN human rights treatyPersons with disabilities; DiscriminationUnited Nations General Assembly2006-12-13Yes2008-05-03Yes2008-05-03Yes2010-03-11YesDeclaration and reservation:
“Canada recognises that persons with disabilities are presumed to have legal capacity on an equal basis with others in all aspects of their lives. Canada declares its understanding that Article 12 permits supported and substitute decision-making arrangements in appropriate circumstances and in accordance with the law.
To the extent Article 12 may be interpreted as requiring the elimination of all substitute decision-making arrangements, Canada reserves the right to continue their use in appropriate circumstances and subject to appropriate and effective safeguards. With respect to Article 12 (4), Canada reserves the right not to subject all such measures to regular review by an independent authority, where such measures are already subject to review or appeal.
Canada interprets Article 33 (2) as accommodating the situation of federal states where the implementation of the Convention will occur at more than one level of government and through a variety of mechanisms, including existing ones.”
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