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Protocol Instituting a Conciliation and Good offices Commission to be Responsible for Seeking the settlement of any Disputes which may Arise between States Parties to the Convention against Discrimination in Education. 1962General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)UNESCO treatyDiscrimination;Children;Education; International institutions and proceduresGeneral Conference of the UNESCO1962-12-10Yes1968-10-24No1968-10-24NoNoDocument - 01 (portal.unesco.org/en/ev.php-URL_ID=15321&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201.html) - EnglishDocument - 02 (portal.unesco.org/fr/ev.php-URL_ID=15321&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201.html) - FrenchDocument - 03 (tinyurl.com/HRIdoc/DOC-2018-06-01-01-01-01-084.pdf) - EnglishDocument - 04 (tinyurl.com/HRIdoc/DOC-2018-06-01-01-01-01-174.pdf) - French