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Safeguards guaranteeing protection of the rights of those facing the death penaltySafeguardsAdministration of justice/detention/imprisonmentUN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)E/1984/841984-05-25The conference approved the resolution.Canada was present at the Conference at which it was adoptedDocument - 01 (www.ohchr.org/EN/ProfessionalInterest/Pages/DeathPenalty.aspx) - EnglishDocument - 02 (www.ohchr.org/fr/ProfessionalInterest/Pages/DeathPenalty.aspx) - FrenchDocument - 03 (tinyurl.com/HRIdoc/DOC-2018-06-02-02-02-02-076.pdf) - EnglishDocument - 04 (tinyurl.com/HRIdoc/DOC-2018-06-02-02-02-02-173.pdf) - French