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UN Declaration on Human CloningDeclarationScienceUN General Assembly (UNGA)A/RES/59/280, See also Sixth Committee (Legal) report A/59/516/Add.12005-03-08The representative of Canada, emphasizing that his country’s position was clear, said reproductive cloning was illegal in Canada in whatever form.  The ambiguity of the Declaration might give rise to certain political and other concerns.84 in favour, 34 against, 37 abstentionsCanada voted against the Declaration.Document - 03 (tinyurl.com/HRIdoc/DOC-2018-06-02-02-02-02-079.pdf) - EnglishDocument - 04 (tinyurl.com/HRIdoc/DOC-2018-06-02-02-02-02-176.pdf) - French