Successful Applicants to HRI Small Grant Competition (June 2022)

Saskatoon Sexual Health
(Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

Funding for media initiative to promote abortion as healthcare.

Canadian Advisory of Women Immigrants (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Initiative to create an inclusive curriculum, develop resources, hold workshops and events targeted to women immigrants.

Conseil Migrant (Montréal, Quebec)

Funding will help build a professional website to reach more people and to deliver information to improve the health (physical and mental) well-being of migrants in a more efficient way.

CMetropolitan Community Church of Toronto (Toronto, Ontario)

MCC Toronto is a Church and Human Rights Centre that works to address social justice issues such as the legal rights for same sex couples, adoption, and marriage rights in Canada. Funding will help support two new response initiatives to bring LGBTQ+ nationals who are in desperate need of resettlement to Canada.

Daniela Carbajal (Edmonton, Alberta)

In support of a leadership and networking conference for Indigenous youth in collaboration with the University of Alberta Women in Leadership group and the Enoch Advisory Council (EYAC).

Manitoba Association for Rights and Liberties (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

MARL is working to develop a Youth Advisory Committee that explores the health and wellbeing of youth in Manitoba. The committee will develop a social media campaign for the public and create a guide for educational institutions to promote advocacy and resources regarding period poverty. These materials will emphasize the equal access to education and address the taboo.